2007 Contract

For "A Good Time" Entertainment

From Waterloo, Iowa

Call (319) ADJ-Show or (319)235-7469



Start time: _______ End Time: _______ Guest arrive @ _______ Meal Served @ _______

To be held (mo./day/yr.)_______



What time can we have access to the hall for setup? _______________________

This is a binding agreement, dated ___/___/2007,

between "A Good Time" Entertainment,

and (CUSTOMER)___________________________________________________

representing business (if applicable)______________________________________,

herein referred to as the CUSTOMER, presently residing at the following address.


(City/State/Zip Code)_________________________________________________

Your Contact info: please include first & last names

Bride :_______________________________________(___) __________________

Groom :______________________________________(___) __________________

Alternate contacts just incase your #'s change: name(s) / relationship

1 :_________________________________/______________ (___) __________________

2 :_________________________________/______________ (___) __________________

How did you hear of us?____________________________________

In consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained, "A Good Time" Entertainment and the CUSTOMER hereto agree as follows:

I.) The CUSTOMER agrees to pay the "A Good Time" Entertainment for their hosting services as follows. Please circle package that applies. (Note: most of our wedding's last 6-8 hours through booking overtime.)

Basic/Economy Package: 2hrs/$300.00 Free mileage within 25 miles (50 round trip)

AGTE Standard/Gold package: 2hrs/$500.00 Free mileage within 50 miles (100 round trip).

  • Additional hours may be added to either package at $100 per hour. ($25/quarter)
  • Lighting may be added to either package for an additional one time charge of $100.
  • Karaoke may be added to either package for an additional one time charge of $100.

There is no charge for set up and tear down and your consultation is not rushed. Once booked we want to get to know your desires for your wedding so you can have your wedding your way! You will always meet with your personal DJ. We are here to help, so feel free to call us at any time with questions, comments, and or concerns! There are no additional fees other than those listed in paragraph IV or IX below.


II.) The CUSTOMER agrees to pay the "A Good Time" Entertainment a deposit of $100, which is deducted from your total bill and is not transferable, nor refundable. This deposit is a guarantee that "A Good Time" Entertainment will be there to make your event memorable. You the CUSTOMER, have read and understand that this $100 is earnest money, and is merely a guarantee to the above mentioned time allotment. Under no circumstances will this deposit be refunded.


III.) Overtime hours are provided with the approval of both the Banquet/Hall Manager and the "A Good Time" Entertainment. Overtime rates are covered in paragraph one.


IV.) The CUSTOMER agrees to pay the "A Good Time" Entertainment the entire balance remaining by CASH or CHECK, or MONEY ORDER on location before the music is to begin play or paid in full prior to the event. We dress in business casual, meaning dress slacks and company shirt with company logo. This is done for two reasons. One, we can be identified as the DJs, and Two, we never want to out dress the Bride or Groom. Yes, it has happened. If tuxes are required that rental cost is passed on to you, the customer. Mileage is charged at $.30 per mile after allotted mileage per your package.


V.) The CUSTOMER agrees that any changes to the date, starting time, and/or location of this contract must be done in writing and are subject to the availability of "A Good Time" Entertainment. This is for your protection as well as "A Good Time" Entertainment's.


VI.) (50% within 30 days) written cancellations of this agreement must be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to the event and there is no penalty. Verbal cancellations are not accepted. Should the CUSTOMER CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE EVENT DATE, the CUSTOMER agrees to pay the "A Good Time" Entertainment 50% of the contract total less the deposit made which is to accompany the required letter of cancellation. *No refunds on the first hundred dollars of any deposit.


VII.) The CUSTOMER is liable for any damage done to the "A Good Time" Entertainment's personnel and equipment inflicted by themselves, their guests, and/or agent(s). i.e.: a soaked microphone/equipment.


VIII.) This contract contains all the agreements by the parties hereto. There are no promises, agreements, terms or conditions other than those contained herein. This agreement shall apply to and bind all parties and may not be changed orally.


IX.) Check Policy Warning: Checks returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $50 surcharge. Canceled checks and/or closed accounts are subject to a $100 surcharge. Any fees associated with the enforcement of this contract will be borne by the CUSTOMER. We reserve the right to electronically process any bad checks until we are able to collect, and additional cost may be applied for that service.


We are "A Good Time" Entertainment and may be contacted at (319)ADJ-SHOW / (319)235-7469


1.) We will call you for a phone consultation to find out your specific needs.

2.) When is the best time(s) to reach you? (Please circle all that apply.)

All Weekdays | Mon. | Tues. | Wed. | Thurs. | Fri. |

Before/After what time? ____ AM/ PM

3.) Approximately 1 month prior to your special day we will contact you to go over things in greater detail, this is to keep things fresh in our minds and help make sure that things are just the way you planned your special day!


Contract total as now arranged is $____ a deposit of $100 by cash/check ____ has been made. Special notes/discounts must be documented here.










Total balance due on contract is $________


CUSTOMER Signature: ___________________________ Date: ___________________

"A Good Time" Entertainment:_______________________ Date:___________________