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"A Good Time" Entertainment

We are based in: Waterloo, Iowa
We may be reached at: (319) ADJ-Show or (319) 235-7469

At "A Good Time" Entertainment we currently offer two Packages:
AGTE Standard/Gold Package.
Economy/Basic Package.

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Both are only current through January 2005.
Our current library has over 23,000 songs.
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We made a start in June 2000. By January 2001 we went digital. In November and December of 2000, I was suffering from A.L.O.S., most commonly known as "A Lack Of Sleep". You try recording 500+ CD's into your hard drive and you too will experience A.L.O.S. No, it was not fun but all the time spent going digital was well worth it. It is so much easier now than before, it's almost unfair. No more skipping CD players, CD's, or damaged jewel cases by dropping! No major amount of CD's to LUG around. There's a few but it's much easier to take a handful, then it is to take a backbreaking truckload full.

A.L.O.S. was an attempt to be 100% digital by December 31st. of 2000's New Years Eve Party. New Years Eve arrived, I was so nervous, but for no reason, I had a back up plan! Yes, I brought ALL my CD's also. The night went off without a hitch!

We were 100% digital by New Years Eve, of the very year we started.

"A Good Time" Entertainment got it's start in June 2000 and went 100% digital by New Years Eve 2000. We have been a vendor at Wedding Extravaganza every year since 2001. In March or April of 2002, we began providing entertainment for Special Needs and continue to do such currently! We thoroughly love what we do and it is all geared around music! We at "A Good Time" Entertainment, are in a constant strive to be ahead of the game. In reality it is no game, this is what I want to do full time as "A Profession". From December of 2001 to February 2014 "A Good Time" Entertainment did weekly Karaoke shows in "Maple Lanes Imperial Lounge" and did so through the conversion to "KingPin Bar & Grill" We must have been doing something right! My passion is music and music is now my life! With that being accomplished, and said .... Who do you want to be your DJ?